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Staff-Background & Philosophy  

123 Tumblebus provides your child a family like atmosphere because the staff happens to be LITERALLY family (Brother & Sister).

 Robin Meola

    Robin has been working with children ages 2 -12 years old for ten years.    Her career began working summers at day care centers until she graduated from The State University of Oneonta with a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Child Development in 1996.  Robin also has a strong background in the basic fundamentals of exercise. She has always been an enthusiastic athlete herself and was named Captain of her varsity high school and college field hockey team and she feels very strongly about teaching an awareness of physical fitness at an early age.  Gymnastics is the perfect way for pre-school aged children to develop an enthusiasm that will contribute to other sports they may participate in throughout their lives.

Robin began her teaching career in the Jersey City school system as a third grade teacher and in 1999 Robin and her husband moved to Portland, Maine where she worked as a fifth and sixth grade teacher for three years. Feeling the need to be closer to family and friends, they moved back to New Jersey where she was hired at Highland Park to teach fifth grade, but she felt as if something was missing.  She began looking for a way to combine her passion for working with children and her experience and expertise of basic exercise. 

When she heard about the Tumblebus she knew it was exactly everything she was looking for.  She was very impressed to learn the Tumblebus had been servicing pre-school children for over 16 years and had a very strong training program to help her become more knowledgeable in the area of gymnastics.  The Tumblebus’ program is designed to provide young children with the ability to develop their gross motor development, practice team-building skills, patience, and also help them build a strong self-esteem and confidence. 

Robin’s ability to work well with children of all ages as well as her strong rapport and connection with parents helps the Tumblebus remain so successful.  123tumblebus@comcast.net  

 David Plante

     David has been in the “People Business” for well over 16 years. His ability to motivate and move people is a gift he was truly born with. He holds a BA in Biology and Graduated from Kean University in 1998. He was pursuing a Physical Therapy degree while attending Kean but, while working his way through college, he found that his natural sales ability was more prominent, which led him to become an Executive Wall Street recruiter in NYC.

Kids, Exercise, and dealing with the public.The wonderful birth of his Daughter Nathalia Rose  
really made him decide that working with children was what he was meant to do. Here is the most recent photo of my little angel

  David strongly believes that the reason why the majority of children and adults are overweight is due to the fact that they lack the basic fundamentals of EXERCISE. He believes that if children learn from a very young age the joy of exercise, it will become a strong foundation that will follow them for the rest of their lives. This is especially important THESE days when most children would rather sit in front of a video game and press buttons than go out and perform real live sports activities. Now, more than ever, children need to be taught the basic fundamentals of exercise which WILL contribute to a lifelong healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. 123tumblebus@comcast.net