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What is the 123 Tumblebus?

The 123 Tumblebus is brought to your child's school on wheels. We do not transport children. A full size school bus has been customized into a safe, fun gymnasium in which the children have their classes. Our program offers every area of gymnastics in mini form. On each bus we have bars, beam, vault, trampoline, zip line, ropes, rings, climbing apparatus, and more.

Why use 123 Tumblebus?

With today's busy lifestyle, we have found that parents are not always able to find the time to do all that they want for their children. By bringing the 123 Tumblebus to your school, we give each child the opportunity to participate in an excellent fitness program that doesn't infringe on the family's valuable private evening hours.

What is 123 Tumblebus Mission?

To raise a child's self-esteem and teach gymnastics
and fitness in a safe, fun environment

What area does the 123 Tumblebus service?

Currently we travel to daycare centers in Northern New Jersey. If you have a facility with 50 or more students interested in signing up, call our office today at (908) 867-7316 for more information.

What type of activities does the 123 Tumblebus offer?

123 Tumblebus allows children to develop their gross motor skills and general fitness education. While learning the basics, the children will develop strength, coordination and self-confidence along with body awareness in a fun, safe environment.

If I am a Director of a Daycare Center or an interested Parent, How can I sign my child up for the 123 Tumblebus at my child s Daycare?

It's real simple, either have the Director of your child's Daycare center contact us or have one of our staff contact them for you! We will then schedule an OPEN house at the Daycare center for a FREE trial on the 123 Tumblebus, so you can see how AWESOME we are!

What s the pricing for the 123 Tumblebus service?

There is no cost to your preschool or daycare facility. Fees are billed directly to the parents.

123 Tumblebus handles registration and all billing. It's real easy, there s Three options

Tuition (Classes are 1 per week for 30 Minutes) Classes are held year round (48 weeks of the year!)

Please choose your Payment Plan, fill out the registration form at your child's daycare center, and enclose your first payment with the permission slip. All payments should be placed in the 123 Tumblebus mailbox attached to the 123 Tumblebus bulletin board display located at your child's daycare center. PLEASE DO NOT turn your money or permission slip in to the Daycare director or teachers.


ach weekly session is $14.00 for a half hour.

Please look at our display and registration forms at your child’s daycare center

*** 123 Tumblebus also offers a one-time class for facilities interested in adding a little something extra to their regular agenda. This is a great way to see if this program is right for your facility.


Birthday Party Information

You can request the 123 Tumblebus for a Birthday Party starting at the all inclusive rate of
$325.00 for one full hour.

            Our birthday party package includes:

·        One full hour of tumbling, music, and games on age appropriate certified safety equipment

·        “Structured fun” taught by 2 certified instructors

·        Our Big Yellow Tumblebus pulling up to your doorway

·        Unique fun, no mess, we entertain

·        Tumblebus sticker or stamp for each child                       

·        Gold medals for each child during our awards ceremony 

When the kids see our bright yellow 123Tumblebus coming down the street, the party truly begins!! The children jump with joy and their faces glow with excitement. So if you want to have a memorable party for the kids, just give us a call and our friendly staff will answer all of your questions.

         Cell Phone: 973.800.3384           Business Phone: 908.867.7316

  Hey! 10 Smart Reasons to use the 123 Tumblebus:

 1. Develop Coordination
 2. Increase Flexibility
 3. Develop Strength and Power
 4. Learn to Listen and Follow Directions
 5. Gain Self-Esteem and Confidence
 6. Social Interaction with Peers
 7. Learn to Set Goals
 8. Master the Fundamentals of Movement
 9. Develop Skills to Enhance Other Sports
!0. It's Sooooo  Much Hootin FUN!!! 123 Tumblebus "day at school" is the Best!

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